Say hello to the new EX-TRACK®CNC, a compact track-mounted oxy-fuel or plasma CNC profile cutting system that is lightweight, portable, and economical.

The EX-TRACK®CNC is the first motor-driven model in THERMACUT’s brand-new “Value Series” of CNC profile cutting systems, offering affordable profile cutting solutions. The size and weight of the EX-TRACK®CNC make it easy to transport and set up anywhere. This user-friendly oxy-fuel or plasma-automated CNC profile cutting system provides complete versatility and represents a package offering outstanding value for money.

The EX-TRACK®CNC is equipped with a built-in color screen, eliminating the need to integrate an external controller into the system. Its simple, menu-driven operation is easy to learn and use, while the library of 24 common shapes minimizes programming and setup time. What’s more, dimensions are easily editable to create custom shapes without any actual programming.

The CNC system recognizes basic M and G-Code programming, and NC files programmed offline can easily be transferred to the system using a standard USB connection. THERMACUT´s versatile profile cutting system is ideal for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting processes. A motorized lifter is fitted as a standard feature and can carry an oxy-fuel or plasma torch. Arc Voltage Height Control (AVC) automatically maintains a consistent cutting height for the plasma torch. The tip-touch IHS feature locates the plate surface and sets the correct piercing height during the automated plasma cutting process. It also detects torch crashes by sensing the plate during cutting and activating the auto shut-off to protect the plasma system. A cutting oxygen solenoid valve provides automatic cutting when using an oxy-fuel torch.

The EX-TRACK®CNC delivers accurate, reliable performance. A precision-built, heavy-duty guide rail ensures stable motion of the crossbeam and full support for the cutting torch. Last but not least, precision linear rails minimize vibration, ensuring accurate cutting throughout the entire job.