Cutting table suitable for EX-TRACK® DEMO

Impressive, portable, and sturdy, the DEMO multi-process cutting table is purpose-built for demonstrating the EX-TRACK®CNC mechanized cutting system and equipped for oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting when combined with an EX-TRAFIRE® power supply. The optimal size of the cutting table makes it ideal for in-house events, exhibitions, small fabrication shops, or training purposes. The deep waterbed captures cutting fumes, reduces noise, and safely quenches dross.

The table suitable for EX-TRACK® demo is a fully functional compact portable mechanized cutting table that can also be utilized for manual plasma cutting. The waterbed is intended for fume capture and noise reduction but is not suitable for underwater plasma cutting.

Some of the best ideas are born through necessity, which is why THERMACUT® has expanded its portfolio with the addition of the EX-TRACK® DEMO table. The compact footprint of this multi-process table perfectly demonstrates the functionality of the EX-TRACK®CNC portable cutting system. Capable of both ‘live’ and ‘dry run’ cutting, the table is ideal for open-house events, exhibitions where space is at a premium, small fabrication shops, training days, dealer demos, and showroom displays, enabling dealers to promote the EX-TRACK®CNC portable cutting system and EX-TRAFIRE® plasma cutter.

A distinct advantage of the cutting table suitable for EX-TRACK® DEMO is that it can be operated and maneuvered by one person – even replacing the cutting grid is a simple job for one! The solidly built EX-TRACK® DEMO TABLE with its deep waterbed is manufactured from mild steel and protected from corrosion with a double-thickness powder coating. The table is attached to large and robust lockable swivel castors. The EX-TRACK® NC rails are fixed at the optimum working height for operating the system, and the table also features a conveniently placed shelf on which an EX-TRAFIRE® power supply can be stored.